Affiliate Marketing & SEO for Beginners Box Set: Simple, smart and proven strategies to make A LOT of money online

Learn how to use SEO and Affiliate Marketing Do you want to optimize your website for search engines but do not know how? Do you want to have an affiliate marketing blog but do not know how to start? Do you want to know how search engines work? Do you want your blog to become an authority? Do you want to generate traffic? Well then, this set of books is for you! SEO and Affiliate Marketing are two of the hottest buzzwords in the online world today. Making your website optimized and creating an affiliate blog are two of the best decisions that you can make for your online business. With these online tools, you can increase the chances of your business to grow and your profits to soar! Here Is A Preview Of some of the information in this book... SEO: Chapter One: What is Search Engine Optimization and how can you use it? The standard definition for Search Engine Optimization Chapter Two: How Search Engines Work Web Crawling and Indexing Difference between Search Engines & Web Directories Stop Words Term Stemming Index Entry Extraction The Working of a Search Engine Page Authority Content Links Chapter Three: Different Types of Search Engine Optimization Black Hat SEO How to Avoid Black Hat SEO Key Word Stuffing Doorway Pages Invisible Text White Hat SEO Chapter Four: How to Optimize your Website/ Page for Search Engines Chapter Five: Keeping Up with SEO Chapter Six: Search Engine Optimization and Ranking Tips Chapter Seven: SEO in a Nutshell Affiliate Marketing: Chapter One: Basics of Affiliate Marketing Red flags A-list networks Secondary networks E-Product networks Indie networks Chapter Two: How to find a profitable niche Chapter Three: How to find an affiliate blog in 9 easy steps Chapter Four: How to become an authority Chapter Five: Getting traffic in 7 easy steps Download your copy today!

Author: Brian Conners

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