Advanced Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Key FeaturesGet hands-on experience with advanced penetration testing techniques to exploit modern operating systems and complex network devices.Learn about kernel exploits, Docker breakouts, Active Directory delegation, CRON jobs, VLAN hopping, and more.A detailed guide that will provide you with practical use cases to deliver an intelligent end point protected system.Book DescriptionIt has always been difficult to get hands-on experience and immense understanding of advanced penetration testing techniques, and vulnerability assessment and management. This book will be your one stop solution to compromising complex network devices and modern operating systems. This book will provide you with advanced penetration testing techniques that will help you exploit databases, web and applications servers, Switches/Routers, Docker, VLANs VoIP, and VPNs.With this book, you will learn some of the rear exploitation abilities like offensive PowerShell tools and techniques, Ci Servers and database exploitation, Active Directory delegation, Kernel exploits, CRON Jobs, VLAN Hopping, Docker breakout and so on. Moving ahead, this book will not only walk you through managing vulnerabilities but will also teach to ensure end point protection. Towards the end of this book you will also learn post exploitation tips, tools and methodologies along with helping your organization build an intelligent security system.By the end of this book, you will have mastered the skills and methodologies of breaching infrastructures and providing complete end point protection to your system.What you will learnExposure to advanced infrastructure penetration testing techniques and methodologiesDemonstrate hands-on ability in the Linux System Vulnerabilities and Memory ExploitationUnderstand what it really takes to break into enterprise networksDemonstrate an understanding of how to exploit Network and IoT devicesDiscover real-world Post Exploitation techniques and countermeasuresAbout the AuthorChiheb Chebbi is an InfoSec enthusiast with experience in various aspects of Information Security focusing on investigation of advanced cyber attacks and researching cyber espionage and APT attacks. Chiheb is currently pursuing engineering degree in Computer Science at TEK-UP university in Tunisia. His core interest lies in "Infrastructure Penetration Testing" "Deep learning" and "Malware Analysis".In 2016 he was included in the Alibaba Security Research Center Hall Of Fame.His talk proposals were accepted by DeepSec 2017,Blackhat Europe 2016 and many world-class information security conferences

Author: Chiheb Chebbi

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