Adoption of Cloud Computing in Higher Education

Making computers available to students is difficult in developing countries. This is one of the major problems in educational institutions arising from budget constraints. This has resulted in universities facing challenges in providing essential ICT to support educational research and developmental activities Cloud computing is becoming an attractive technology due to its dynamic scalability and effective usage of the resources. This book will pay attention to possible implementation of Cloud computing technology in the educational field. And it will classify the various applications of Cloud Computing technologies in educational institutions, describing the issues that need to be solved in order to arrive at Cloud education, including integration, ownership, security and assessment, and offers a holistic approach to Cloud education. It will also put forward a new perspective in embedding mobile cloud education, an amalgamation between c-learning and m-learning domains, within a holistic intelligent campus environment. The book will be beneficial to students, academic staff, higher educational institutions, the government and other researchers interested in a similar area of study.

Author: Nadire Cavus

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