47 Latest SEO Secrets to Getting More Web Traffic From Google: What the professionals charge big bucks for and don’t want you to know.

So you spent good money and time on your website and now you want more web traffic and sales right? I've been in the business for a decade now and have learned the long-term SEO secrets that really work. These tips helped me beat Lance Armstrong and Men's Health in the fitness online world. I'm sharing them with you so you can succeed. My life mission is to help others succeed in business and life. Here's 47 secret tips that really work for less than 1/100 of the cost of hiring a Search Engine Optimization expert. Find the Best Webmaster and Get the Most Value for Your Web Bucks • Due diligence questions to find an honest, affordable and reliable website designer • Tips to ensure you have complete control and flexibility of your content and site • Secrets to getting more of the RIGHT traffic to your website • Auto responder, hosting, photo, video, and opt-in system recommendations • Surefire ways to entice more of your visitors to do what you want them to do • Any ONE of these tips could save you hundreds or earn you thousands of dollars … Enjoy.

Author: Jim Kaspari

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