150 Recommendations and Practical Tips on the SEO (Extended edition): Methods and Technologies for writing articles for network writers

150 Recommendations and Practical Tips on the SEO (Extended edition)Methods and Technologies for writing articles for network writersThis is an extended edition, amended and supplemented. Here you will find an additional 50 practical tips for optimizing the site in search results.100 SEO recommendations for promotionThis book is devoted to the peculiarities of working with sites and their optimization.It will be very useful to engineers, computer programmers and just people who make websites themselves.For any businessman, the conquest of the Internet often resembles the conquest of a new market, of which he knows practically nothing. And sometimes even do not guess.There are a lot of new terms, orders and laws. But we understand - to create a website (read online store) is only 20% of success, the remaining 80% of success depends on its promotion.The key element of promotion is SEO optimization, that is, "adjustment" of the store and its promotion in the search engines.When a businessman addresses to experts on promotion, he is with them in unequal positions. He can only believe that in our time is very expensive. And in money and in time.Yes, one situation can not be changed by one article. Nevertheless, it seems to us that the collection of 100 SEO recommendations for small businesses will be very welcome. And do not hesitate to add a link to this article in the "bookmarks". The right moment always comes unexpectedly.

Author: Chris J. Parker

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